"Professional, intuitive, and insightful. I had a Crystal Healing and Reiki Session – the experience was comfortable, relaxing and educational."
~ Jennifer Constant (February 2016)

"Sometimes the Teacher becomes the client. Tonight I was gifted a Crystal Healing session from a former Reiki student of mine. I knew from the moment she walked through my door that she would someday be on to bigger things, beginning with opening her business not long ago. Thank you Peggy Claveau of Sky Spirit / Giizhig-Manidoo Healing. I truly enjoyed my session this evening."
~ Francine Judd (February 2016)

"Just wanted to say thank you for everything and that I really enjoyed the energy which surrounds you. The music chosen was perfect along with the stones you used; a feeling of being at peace with no worries, thank you! I will be sure to contact you again in a couple of months for another cleansing. Keep up the great work! Take care, till next time."
~ Martin Gervais (March 2016)

"Just had my first ever reiki session at Sky Spirit Healing and it was AMAZING! Very informative. My spirit is grateful Mrs. Peggy Claveau!"
~ Holly Guppy (July 2016)

"Thank you for the Life Activation Session yesterday. It was the best present to myself on my birthday! Awesome work Peggy!"
~ Lisa Wesley (July 2016)

"Just had the best crystal/reiki healing from Peggy Claveau, cloud nine!"
~ Aimee Daniels (July 2016)

"Thank you so very much Peggy. I wanted to message you after I left your home. I felt like my soul and body was free. I didn’t worry about things that I don’t have control over. That night, was the best sleep I had in months. Wow! I was so grateful and happy with my session and time with you."
~ Kim Piche (August 2016)

"VERY relaxing experience. Peggy, you are a woman of many talents. I will definitely be back."
~ Christine Grezla (September 2016)

"Peggy is a caring and gifted healer, and she makes you feel at ease instantly. I always feel very refreshed and recharged after our sessions. I highly recommend her if you are new to Reiki and looking for some solid results."
~ Ron Santos (October 2016)

"Peggy is such a beautiful woman, who cares and gives an amazing Reiki session every single time! She is so full of love, she radiates it."
~ Terry Lee Pepin (October 2016)

"Peggy is a wonderful person who gives you great healing sessions. She genuinely cares about you when you are in her care!"
~ Rosie Etelain (October 2016)

"Peggy is truly a gifted healer and we should all be so grateful we have her in our community. Thank you Peggy for sharing your gifts with us! I highly recommend her services!"
~ Tessa Mousseau (November 2016)

"Thank you Peggy for all that you give and all that you do! You truly are gifted in many beautiful ways! So grateful that we have become friends and also for your knowledge. You are a true healer."
~ Apryle Bayley (November 2016)

"This girl tho! I will be OK with your awesome guidance. Thank you just doesn’t cut it!"
~ Renelle Guertin-Robinson (November 2016)

"Peggy gifted me with a beautiful crystal healing session. Her intuitive attention to areas that needed healing showed me that she is the real deal! I could help but ask her how many hands she actually had?? I’m very honored to have the chance to work with Peggy here in Cochrane as she comes once per week to my shop Sacred North. I’m excited to work more closely as I know we will bring out the best in each other. Thank you for the divine gift of hearing my angels and goddess guides."
~ Kyla Bondy-Montgomery (November 2016)

"Peggy performed a Crystal Healing and Reiki session on me on New Year’s day. I honestly had no idea what to expect, and it was an amazing experience (relaxing, insightful and peaceful). It was probably the best way to I can imagine starting off this new year. Peggy, you have a wonderful unique gift, and thank you for sharing it. I would highly recommend her to everyone."
~ Julie Mancini (January 2017)