During this empowering day, you will learn:

  • Reiki meditation, history, principles, ethics and uses.
  • How to give a Reiki treatment to yourself and others.

You will receive:

  • A printed Usui Reiki Level 1 Certificate.
  • An Attunement or Initiation: traditionally, in Japan, the Attunement is called a "Reiju," which means "spiritual blessing" or "offering" which deepens your connection to spiritual energy moving through you (Reiki).

You will receive and be attuned to the first symbol in Reiki, the power symbol that can be used to:

  • Clear and/or charge a room.
  • Charge any of the elements (earth, air, water, fire).
  • Open and close treatment sessions.
  • Reduce stress, dis-ease, pain, and insomnia.
  • Give strength, rejuvenate, and boost immune system function.

Once you have received a Reiki Attunement, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life. It does not wear off and you can never lose it.

Now is the time to deepen your connection to the healing energy that is already within you. To learn the tools work with the Reiki energy to promote healing.

“Reiki goes to the very heart of who you are and heals your life from the inside out! It is truly amazing.”
~ One World Healing

“When connected with Reiki in a conscious way, an individual has the possibility of healing, awakening, and enlivening through this practice.”
~ Hawayo Takata

INVESTMENT:  $170 | Class length – 8 hours



Are you looking for tools and practices to help you create more prosperity in all areas your life?

Attunement to Reiki Level II opens your heart chakra, which is the center of being and the connector between the lower triangle (first three physical based energy centers or chakras) and the upper triangle the (the higher three spiritual based energy centers or chakras)

This increases your intuition and ability to perceive and work with Reiki energy.

Reiki Level II-

  • Incorporates new symbols into existing practice, that offer new ways to focus the Universal Life force for different and specific purposes
  • Allows you to receive the Harmony or Mental/Emotional Healing Symbol which helps to balance the right and left side of the brain, which brings peace and assists in healing relationships
  • Deepens your understanding of Reiki ethics, professional practice, and uses of symbols
  • Teaches you quantum energetics
  • Gives you the Distance Healing Symbol and teaches you how to bring deeper healing into situations from the past, present or the future. You will learn how to heal from a distance (space and time), while also healing trauma, relationships, and situations (personal or global)

Receiving the Reiki Level 2 Attunement ~ supports you in being more aware of the importance of wholeness on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

You will receive:

  • a printed Usui Reiki Level II Certificate

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Reiki Level I.

INVESTMENT: $225 | Class length - 8 hours + 3 hours of homework



Reiki Mastery is an Awakening of Love and many experience deep feelings of love and compassion as they form a deeper union with the Reiki energy. Healing at the Master level is thought to directly affect the higher spiritual body template and can lead to transformation and healing on all levels of being and, at times, miracles.

What you will receive:

  • Attunement to Reiki Level III or Master Level

Reiki Master Teacher Training-

  • Receive the Master Symbol, Symbol 4 which opens your spiritual connection and intuition, brings clarity about your true path in life and transmits vibrations of love, healing and harmony
  • Learn how to teach Reiki, including Levels I, II, and Master
  • Learn Kidney Breathing, the Dragon Breath
  • Learn how to conduct Attunements and Initiations.
  • Create a clear channel with your Divine Self.
  • Receive more Reiki meditations and learn about additional Reiki Symbols and uses
  • Receive a printed Usui Reiki Master certificate

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of Level 1 and 2 Reiki

INVESTMENT: $400 | Reiki Master Teacher Training is 12 hours long + 3 hours of homework.  The course is held over 2 (6 hour) days


Usui Ryoho Reiki - Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Master / Teacher)

Usui Ryogo Reiki - Level 1 Intensive Training: This 8 hour training is a holistic, light touch, energy-based modality that establishes normal energy-flow in the body, enhancing the body's innate healing ability (Canadian Reiki Association). In this first step you will learn about the history of Reiki and its principles; uses; levels; treatment process; receive an attunement to the first symbol; as well as learn the hand positions/treatment techniques for self/others.


Max Meditation

The Max Meditation System was developed by Dr. Gudni Gudnason and is a system based on a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and mind acrobats with modern techniques of psychology and neurolinguistic programming. It is based on five componenets of meditation:

  • relaxation
  • passive meditation
  • active meditation
  • guided meditation
  • soothing down